Tom Marshal (Atomx)

I’ve been with LuxinHost for a year or so now and they’re brilliant. I run a web development agency and we use LuxinHost for all of our clients hosting requirements. Ranging from small service based websites up to large complex platforms.

The hosting provided by LuxinHost is very fast, very reliable and extremely good value. Support is very fast and they’re always there to help with anything hosting related.

Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Marianne Erikson

I have been with LuxinHost for almost 2 years now and have been very pleased with the service and customer help.I have been with several other hosting companies in the past but LuxinHost is by far the best. – Review collected on TrustPilot


Really fast and nice support! Any problems fix asap. – Review collected on TrustPilot



Just got done dealing with Daniel and he helped me out to the point I even questioned him if he should be doing this for me. Haha but he was able to help me gain access to my server again when I thought it was all lost. You guys have the best service and haven’t had a single complaint since I have started with them. Thank you guys for your service!! – Review collected on TrustPilot


Very happy with luxin hostt. matt from the support team helped me with my reseller setup. – Review collected on TrustPilot